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Guillermina de Bedoya

Flamenco and Spanish Dancing Online Classes and Courses
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Here we offer Flamenco and Spanish dance (Escuela Bolera, Danza Estilizada & Folklore) classes and courses online.

Our classes are in Spanish but we offer communication and support in English. Many of our dance students don’t speak much Spanish but still learn to dance with us!

We offer live classes and study at you own pace online courses. Also, all of our live classes are archived for later viewing.

You can see our list of courses here. (In Spanish)

Live Classes

We offer beginner and intermediate level weekly classes for flamenco, danza estilizada and escuela bolero.

Classes (flamenco, escuela bolera, danza estilizada) Cost/month
1 class/style per week (4/month) 40€
2 classes/styles per week (8/month 60€
3 classes/styles per week (12/month) 70€

Here is the class schedule:

Beginner Monday (GMT+2) Intermediate Tuesday (GMT+2)
Escuela Bolera 6:30 PM Escuela Bolera 3:00 PM
Flamenco 7:30 PM Flamenco 4:15 PM
Danza Estilizada 8:30 PM Danza Estilizada 7:00 PM

Click on one of the links below to reserve your spot in class:

We also offer one on one private classes with Guillermina. Click here if you would like to reserve a private class. (In Spanish)

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